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Welcome to the HamSphere - The Virtual Ham Radio Transceiver

HamSphere new generation 4.0 is a modularized software transceiver for the new HamSphere Virtual Ionosphere. It is an enhanced version of the popular HamSphere 3.0 system. Download the software and start building your own Ham Radio transceiver. Use Antennas, Instruments, Buttons, Rotators, Skins etc. Enjoy a fully realistic Shortwave band affected by Sun Spot numbers and Solar Flux values.

HamSphere 4.0 Check List

Build your own powerful virtual Ham Transceiver. Download here!

  • Cardioid (160m)

    Cardioid (160m)
    Price:  15.00 €
    Cardioid (160m) The Cardioid Pattern antenna is designed using a two element vertical phased arra...
  • CW Keyer

    CW Keyer
    Price:  30.00 €
    This state of the art CW Keyer supports CW, IAMBIC-A and IAMBIC-B modes. Speed can be set between 5-...
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