HamSphere 4.0 Shop


HamSphere 4.0 Shop Terms and Conditions as of 4 June 2017

Returns and Refunds for HamSphere virtual Plug-ins and Antennas

We want you to be happy with your purchased products. Purchased virtual items can be returned according to our return policy below.

Please note that we do not refund any money. Refunds are instead credited your HamSphere account.

Return requests can be done via the HamSphere Support ticket system: http://www.hamsphere.com/support

PLEASE NOTE! Purchased plug-ins and antennas from this shop will ONLY work in the PC version of HamSphere 4.0. For HS4 Mobile operation please see https://mobishop.hamsphere.com

Our Policy:
  • All refunds: Max one (1) item per day and max three (3) items per week may be returned.
  • Return within 2 hours after purchase: Full refund to your HamSphere account.
  • Return after 2 hours and before 7 days: 80% refund to your HamSphere account.
  • Return after 7 days the item may be put for sale in the 2nd Hand Shop and you set the price. You will get credited when the item gets sold.
  • Purchased virtual items require an active HamSphere account. If your HamSphere account expires it will remain in a 3 month "grace" period after it will be removed including all Logbooks, QSL cards, Awards and purchased items etc.
  • No refunds on purchased 2nd Hand items are given.

2nd Hand Shop rules

  • Second hand listings older than 2 months are removed.
  • Not possible to set the 2nd hand price less than 40% of the purchased price.
  • Not possible to re-sell a free item or an item that was aquired for 0 Euro
  • Second hand shop will not work for Mobile Phone plug-ins.

Item transfers

  • Items purchased belong to the account/callsign and can not be transferred to another account.
  • Exception: If you move from one country to another we can make an exception and transfer the items to the new callsign/account. The items may not be transferred back within 6 months.
  • Holidays: If you are going on vacation you may not transfer your items to any new reciprocal callsign. You may however rent some gear from us via a so called "Holiday Pack". Please contacts support for more info.
  • If you own equipment for your main callsign/account you are entitled a so called "DX-Pack" loan if you are doing an officially approved DX Expedition. Please contact support from more info.
  • Gift transfers can be done via support for the PC version items (mobile plug-ins and antennas can not be sent as gifts) and have to be approved by the HamSphere management before completed.