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  • Date added: 05/28/2014
    Testimonial by: Tom of Luxembourg

    Testing on 21.355 KHz

    Interesting testing today on 21.355 KHz with the brand new antennas! Participants were 4S7DA, Denver from Sri Lanka, 26HS2241, Andy from London, UK, KS1K from EGY, just listening and 54HS105, Tom from Luxembourg. We tested the 5 EL 6 Band Quad which delivered a 5/5 between 4S7DA and 26HS2241 as well as 54HS105, who had no copy on Andy due to the proximity. The 3 Band Dipole was tested by rotating it around to the different locations and it produced a mere 5/2 on all sides. Dave in EGY could copy everybody with similar signal strengths. The absolute shooting star of the day was the new 2 Ele Fan Dipole Yagi though - with signals 5/5 and more, it was superior than the Cardioid, the 3 Band rotating dipole and only the 8 Ele Yagi would produce stronger signals at my end. Very good addition, to be earmarked! Thanks for the nice testing! 73 Tom

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