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  • Date added: 08/26/2014
    Testimonial by: N4JLR - Jay of Melbourne, FL. USA

    Cardioid Antennas

    I have a new respect for this type of antenna. If I could use it at my QTH for my HF radio system, I would use it there without question. The wide beamwidth of 210 deg. and elevation of up to 30 deg. allows you to point this antenna in a direction that can be heard in a much larger area than a yagi or quad beam. It allows you coverage of 105 deg. on each side of where it is pointed. Since it is made up of 2 co-phased 5/8th wavelength verticals it communicates well with other verticals as well as dipoles, yagis, and quads. It's 9.9 dbi gain is impressive and the difference on 20 meters between a 6 element quad and a cardioid is admirably close. For it's price, it is a great monobander choice for any band.

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