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  • Date added: 03/18/2015
    Testimonial by: KD0PNP Derek of United States

    VU2NSB Omni DX Antenna 30mtr Version

    Anyone who knows me knows I can be critical,and call it like it is and believe me when I purchased this antenna I'll admit I was sceptical to say the least. But after using it now for over 1 week on 30mtrs I have to eat my words for I can't fault this antenna in any way. For DXing it works superbly on both TX / RX the recieve factor of this antenna really sold me on it and the TX is not too shabby either. I can see it working great in a net situation for controllers it will be very useful. Also you contester's out there this is THE Antenna to use. All in all IMHO the best general all round antenna in the shop.

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