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    135ft 30-degree inverted-V, 40 meters,55ft above average ground.

    Wire Antennas are sometimes maligned when it comes to their use for as base or portable antennas. While they may not bec as attractive as a milt-element beam up at 40 feet plus they are certainly no less effective. A wire antenna such as the dipole displayed to the right is a very effective antenna when cut for the frequency range you wish it to operate in. The majority of wire antennas you see will be for a single band meaning you will need an antenna for each band you will be operating on. There are some wire antennas that are deemed as multi-band when used with antenna tuner placed inline between the radio and the antenna. Wire antennas like the dipole pictured above are simple to make using the formula: 468 / frequency (in megahertz). All you need to do is divide the number 468 with the frequency you wish to operate. Now take this measurement and cut a single wire to that length, next cut this wire exactly in half and separate the pieces with an insulator as shown in the picture. All you need now is to connect some coax (radio cable) to the antenna by affixing the center conductor to one leg of the antenna and the shield of the coax to the other leg.

    Mounting A Wire Antenna

    The most popular way to mount a wire antenna is the inverted vee configuration where the center of the antenna is mounted as chigh as possible and the ends come down to the ground forming an upside down V. As to be expected, the ends of the antennas must be insulated from the point where they are attached to the ground. One of the best ways is to use some sort of non-conductive material like plastic to attach to the end of the wire. Once this is attached to the ends of the antenna then you can tie the ends off to the ground with rope.


    135ft Inverted V@55ft (40m)

    Model ANT004
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