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    "Beverage" - The Ultimate Wire antenna.

    300m long wire rotatable

    This Beverage antenna is a straight wire about 1000 feet long and about 8 feet high. It is a VERY directional antenna with low noise that will enable you to hear extremely weak DX signals that are buried in noise or covered up by other interference. The gain is only around 6dBi, but the directivity is better than a Yagi and it has a lot less noise than Yagis.

    Because of the Beverage antenna design, you can expect lower Transmission efficiency. The Beverage antenna is more of a really good RX antenna.

    This Beverage is made for 60m, but can be use on 80, 60, 48 and 40m.


    Beverage 300m (80-40m)

    Model ANT105
    Price:   10.00 €
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