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    "Beverage" - The Ultimate Wire antenna.

    3200m long wire rotatable

    The length of this Beverage antennas is 3200m. It is a traveling wave antenna with termination, producing highly uni-directional radiation pattern at low takeoff angles. Narrow beam-width and low noise pickup are the other salient features.. Good Radiation efficiency, which is necessary for TX has been achieved by optimizing the length and height above ground so as to maximize traveling-wave leaky radiation and minimize dissipation in the resistive terminator. Please be aware of the narrow beam-width and therefore it may not be the best choice for general purpose operation. If you want a slightly wider Beverage antenna, then consider the shorter 300m Beverage we have in stock.
    Because of the Beverage antenna design, you can expect lower Transmission efficiency. The Beverage antenna is more of a really good RX antenna.







    Super Beverage 3200m (160-60m)

    Model ANT109
    Price:   15.00 €
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