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    40-meter Yagi 2 elements driver-reflector at 100ft above average ground

    The 2 Element Yagi has the highest value-to-performance of any of our antennas and is the antenna of choice for DX-peditions.  It actually performs more like a smaller 3 element yagi, due to it’s  innovative 57 inch boom.  This spacing allows for optimal performance throughout it’s frequency range with a definitive caveat – it would normally only be good for about 100 KHz of bandwidth.  In the fixed element era of Yagi antennas, it was not feasible to make an antenna with such little bandwidth, but when you have an adjustable antenna like this antenna, it’s no problem at all!  The antenna has a gain of 6.2 dBi (4.06 dBd) and 19 dB Front/Back ratio.


    2 Element Yagi (40M)

    Model ANT030
    Price:   10.00 €
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