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    3 Band Optibeam (40, 60 and 80m)

    HamSphere is pleased to offer this high performance Tri-band Yagi Array for operation on 80m, 60m and 40m bands. Unlike trap based lossy designs used in many commercial multi-band Yagi antennas, HamSphere has chosen to use this low loss, high efficiency design model. This antenna is a Coplanar, Mono-boom (co-axis) Linearly Staggered multi-band Yagi. The design is nearly similar to the well known "Optibeam" brand of multi-band Yagis produced by a German manufacturer. The Trapless Coplanar Linear Staggered design results in excellent overall performance.

    The HamSphere trapless coplanar (Optibeam) tri-band Yagi is in a 9-3 configuration. It has a total of 9 elements. There are 3 native elements for each band. However, due to its unique configuration the performance is slightly superior to a typical 3-element Yagi. This is because some of the other non-native elements also contribute positively towards the shaping of the lobe patterns. The antenna is mounted at a height of 40m above ground level and offers a typical gain of 12.5 dBi. The inherent low angle radiation capability renders this antenna suitable for DX operation. This antenna is also good for short and medium distance work.

    With the reduction in SSN as we move towards the ebb of the Solar Cycle, this antenna will be a very welcome tool in the hands of a radio operator.




    9-3 Optibeam 3-band Yagi (40-80m)

    Model ANT153
    Price:   45.00 € 25.46 €