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     3-element 3-band Yagi (10, 15, 20m)


    The HamSphere 3-element 3-band Yagi is one the antennas in our series of "Classical HF Antennas".
     This is perhaps one of the most popular tri-band (20-15-10m) rotatable antenna configurations used 
    the world over by HF ham operators since decades. 
    One may find such an antenna available from almost every manufacturer in the world. 
    It is a very nice real-world antenna with good performance and relatively smaller size.
     It offers a robust construction and is possible to install where space is at a premium. 
    The turning radius of a multi-band trap Yagi is far lower than equivalent monoband antennas.
    Shortening of element lengths is achieved on account of the presence of traps.

    HS4 3-el 3-band Yagi features aprroximately 10.5-11 dBi gain on 20m and 10m bands with a 
    slightly lower gain on the 15m band. This type of power gain distribution is typical for a Triband Trap Yagi. 
    The radiation patterns are broad and clean at low elevation angles which result in
     excellent azimuth view in excess of +/-45 degrees. 
    It offers a good coverage for both mid-range as well as long-range DX work.


    3-element 3-band Yagi (10-20m)

    Model ANT257
    Price:   40.00 € 26.80 €