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    DX Chat

    We have seen an increased demand in discussing HS4 releated topics in text. This has traditionally taken place on facebook or the HamSphere forum. Now we are providing a rig built in feature for this purpose.

    This text chat plug-in offers a global chat for all users on the platform as well as sending private messages to any user on the system. 

    To Join a chat, simply double click on it.

    To send a private message to a user not found on Dx Chat, click the Send PM button and the user will be invited to download the plug-in and install it to be able to read your message. After contact is establish you can click your friend's call sign and you can chat directly in the plug-in.

    All messages support UTF-8 character set.

    When this product was released we had 7 different chat areas, but we can add any number of global chats on request. Just email dxchat@hamsphere.com with your suggestion.

    As this plug-in  is built to handle many concurrent users, expect a delay of 1-2 seconds between chat changes.

    DX Chat 648x360

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