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    Button Panel with USB/LSB/CW/FM and CH+/CH- and PTT-VOX and Power buttons.

    CH- : Steps your frequency down 1 kHz on 160M-10M and 25 kHz on 2M and 70 cm bands.
    CH+ : Steps your frequencyup1 KHz on 160M-10M and 25 KHz on 2M and 70 cm bands.
    VOX- Voice operated switch. (See below for more on VOX settings)
    PTT- Push To Talk is used to key the transmitter. It has two modes locked and unlocked. It comes by 
    default as unlocked meaning that the transmitter will go off once you release the PTT. By clicking on 
    the left led in the PTT button, you can lock it. While the PTT button is in locked mode, the PTT will 
    toggle the transmitter and you can release the PTT for more comfortable "long"-transmissions.
    POWER - Powers off the Transceiver and returns you to the HamSphere 4.0 startup screen.

    Button Panel 216x144

    Model BSW007
    Price:   1.00 €