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    This is the small version of the Image Viewer plugin, which allows you to have handy reference charts, maps, lists, and diagrams available right on your HS 4.0 Transceiver.  Choose from the included Band Plan or DX Monitor Map or select a .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .png, or .gif file from your computer to from the Internet display on this large plugin.

    If you share your rigs between computers you will be able to have the same images on all those computers just by linking to images that are stored on the web. You can also share the web address of these images with your HS4 friends and they can have the same images on their rigs. -- If you have an image on your computer or on the Internet that gets updated, you can click on the new "R" button on the Image Viewer to tell it to Reload the image to get the latest version while you are still operating the Transceiver. -- If you link to an image on your computer or on the Internet that is updated regularly, you can use the new "A" button to set the Image Viewer to Automatically Reload the Image every 5 minutes even as you are using your Transceiver.

    Image Viewer Small 432x216

    Model MOD014
    Price:   4.00 €