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    CW Decoder with auto-speed. Translates received CW (Morse Code) to text. Tunable filter between 250-700Hz. Clear button and On/Off switch.


    1. Tune a CW station in either LSB/USB or CW mode and keep the tone around 400-700Hz. 

    2. Use CW filters, get rid of as much noise as possible.

    3. Slowly adjust the Tune knob until it starts capturing CW. Adjust for highest peak.

    4. Fine tune the Peak by adjusting the VFO slighly.

    5. Keep input so that peak is at least in "yellow" zone.

    6. Use the RF Gain to adjust input level.

    C = Clears the text window

    A = Active

    P = Off







    CW Decoder 432x144

    Model INT011
    Price:   20.00 €