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    Remember this old classic from 1978? Space Invaders is one of the most addicting games that was ever made. Whilst waiting for your favorite DX, compete with your fellow Ham Radio friends. Try to make it on the High Score list.

    The idea of this game is very simplistic. You are a space ship who must destroy the invading enemy space ships as they descend upon your little 8-bit world. Use the mouse to fire your gun at them and blow each ship to pieces. Be careful though, because these ships fire back and as you deplete their numbers, the space invaders get faster and faster until the last remaining ship appears to move at near warp speed. To ensure you stay alive as long as possible, hide behind the green walls and develop and a run-and-gun mentality. Try to blast out whole rows of space invaders at once as it makes it easier to shoot into a crowd rather than pinpoint each individual ship.

    Space Invaders 216x216

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