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    GP Monopole with 256 Radials

    HamSphere 4.0 series of Vertical Monopole antennas are essentially 1/4 wl vertical antennas with groundplane radials. This is a classic antenna very commonly used by ham radio operators all around the world. The Vertical Monopoles are omni-directional antennas and are best suited to produces fairly low angle radiation pattern irrespective of its height above ground. The groundplane (counterpoise) system is critical in achieving optimal performance. Normally, the artificial groundplane consists of evenly spaced copper wire radials placed around the base of the 1/4 vertical radiating element. The resonant length and RF conductivity of the groundplane radial system is vital for good performance since it provides for a low loss return path to the antenna E-field.

    HamSphere has optimized this series of antennas with the use of 256 copper wire radials mimicking the theoretical low loss groundplane. As the result of which the low take-off angle performance of our Vertical Monopole antennas have been optimized. This is a general purpose antenna for normal omni-directional use on HS4.


    GP Monopole (30m)

    Model ANT019
    Price:   5.00 €