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    One of the most versatile and inexpensive wire Antenna for 10-80 meter Band. Comes with an antenna tuner for all bands between 80-10m.

    The antenna concept

    The SM7NHC is a classic multi-band wire antenna originally conceived by Louis Varney (G5RV). This typically a 102 feet long non-resonant multi-band dipole which is usually center-fed. The SM7NHC is based on the same design as G5RV and uses a unique antenna feed arrangement through a specified length of an open-wire feeder section followed by a length of Co-axial cable. SM7NHC does not inherently produce low SWR on several of the bands on which it operates. However, the SWR is well within the tuning range of good "Antenna Tuning Units" (ATU). Hence a typical antenna has to be impedance matched with an ATU placed between the transceiver and the antenna transmission line. SM7NHC is a fair performer on multiple HF bands.

    The HamSphere SM7NHC antenna is designed at very low height, thus producing rather high NVIS quality. It is designed to cover all bands with as much NVIS efficiency as possible at the lowest cost possible. 



    SM7NHC Dipole (10-80m)

    Model ANT011
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