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    Band Scanner 432x216

    The Band Scanner plugin allows you to have your HS 4.0 Transceiver actively searching for signals even while you are busy doing other things on or near your computer.

    This is one of the most feature-rich plugins currently available:

    ** The 432x216 size packs a lot of features into a plugin that is the size of the Band Scope + Volume Panel **

    ** Scans from one to all fifteen bands. You pick which ones to scan **

    ** Can scan an entire band in 5 seconds **

    ** Mutes the receiver while scanning to give you "static free" scanning. When it finds a signal it un-mutes the receiver so you can hear it **

    ** Scans for signals on all frequencies across the entire band, tuning to the nearest 1Khz step when a signal is found **

    ** You see your LCD, Band Scope, Waterfall, etc. sweeping across the bands as the scanner searches each 5Khz segment **

    ** 20 LEDs show each 5Khz segment as you sweep across the band **

    ** Individual segments of bands can be disabled by clicking on the LED so that you can tell the scanner to skip over beacons and other signals you don't care about **

    ** An LED bar meter shows the strength of any signal you are tuned to, whether scanning or not **

    ** An adjustable threshold knob allows you to set how strong a signal must be before the scanner will stop on it. The threshold you set can be seen on the bar meter for easy reference **

    ** HOLD scan mode will keep the scanner on a signal until the signal drops below the threshold for the amount of time you set with the DELAY knob **

    ** PAUSE scan mode will stop on the signal for the amount of time you set with the DELAY knob and then will continue scanning even if the signal is still above the threshold **

    ** MANUAL antenna mode will use whatever antenna you currently have selected as the scanner scans the bands you have enabled. **

    ** PROGRAMMED antenna mode will use the antenna and azimuth that you program for each band. To program an antenna and azimuth for a band, you simply have the desired antenna and azimuth selected when you enable that band on the scanner. Every band can have a different antenna and/or azimuth if you like and the scanner will switch to them automatically as it goes to each band **

    ** You can set the scanner to scan each band from 1 to 4 times before moving on to the next enabled band **

    Official Band Scanner Manual by Mike WB7ECW

    Band Scanner 432x216

    Model INS014
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