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    Vertical Co-phased Collinear for 17m.

    HamSphere Vertical collinear antenna series, popularly known as V-Collinear are mono-band antennas. These antennas have excellent HF DX performance while retaining pure omni-directional characteristics. Architecturally, the V-Collinear antennas may be classified under the category of vertically oriented/polarized, co-phased, co-axial stacked arrays. V-Collinears feature healthy gain with radiation characteristics highly suitable for very long range omni-directional DX work.

    HamSphere V-collinear antenna series are designed with a vertical radiator length of 3/4 wavelengths. It comprises of a lower 1/4 wl section followed by an upper 1/2 wl section. The inter-coupling between these two sections is via a transmission delay line which produces the required phase relationship between the two radiating segments for optimal performance. This antenna has its own integral radial groundplane system.

    HamSphere V-collinear antennas are excellent DX antennas which at many a times outperform larger Yagi Arrays and Cubical Quads. If your operating style is not just restricted to point-to-point communication with pre-determined skeds with other operators, then the V-Collinear will certainly be an important addition to your antenna farm. V-collinear is excellent for calling CQ and to listen all around omni-directionally for DX signals from all around the world.

    Vertical Collinear (17m)

    Model ANT113
    Price:   12.00 €