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    The VFO Advanced Wide

    VFO Dial Plugin
    L-Linked (adjusts the receive and transmit frequencies simultaneously) 
    R- adjusts the receive frequency only
    T- adjusts the transmit frequency only
    R=T- sets the receive frequency equal to the current transmit frequency
    Swirling the VFO knob with the mouse will instantly alter the frequency in small increments. If you 
    swirl the VFO slowly, the frequency increments are smaller. Move the VFO knob very carefully for 
    fine-tuning. The frequency can be adjusted in 1-Hz, 10 hz and 100hz steps.

    This VFO also cover the USB, LSB, CW and FM mode as well as Power Off and VOX. In addition it comes with a step up/down buttons.

    VFO Advanced Wide 432x216

    Model BSW020
    Price:   8.00 €