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    CW Encoder

    Translates text to transmittable CW.  Adjustable speed and tone.

    This CW transmitter uses a notepad to transmit text. It does not use macros, instead it saves the text in the notepad so it remembers it for the next time. In that way you can build a big library with prerecorded CW texts. Use cut and paste and move texts and words around.

    The encoder sends a line a at time. Just move your cursor to the and of the line and hit enter. The transmitted line is marked in red during transmit. You can hit enter on multiple lines consecutively to send more text. For users who are used to other CW sending software this method of transmission may feel a bit different. But once you get used to work CW as you are "editing" a text, you will love it.

    So If you need to transmit long lines. Just split them up and hit enter on each one. It will merge the text during transmit.

    Please note. Speed and Tone can not be adjusted during transmit.

    Use Escape key to abort any transmission.

    Adjustable speed between 5-25 WPM

    The CW encoder supports the following characters: A-Z and 0-9

    Special characters: /, "=?():.-;!ÉÑ_&ÅÄÖÜ

    CW Sequences:

    + = "AR"

    * = "SK"

    # = "KN"

    You can write commented lines starting with #. Those will not be transmitted.


    CW Encoder 432x144

    Model INT016
    Price:   15.00 €
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