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    This is a small Radio Automation plugin which uses MP3 files on your harddisk. It can play playlists manually or automatically. It uses a 24 hour playlist where each hour can be randomly or manually programmed. Use this plug-in to setup your own radio broadcasting station on HamSphere 4.0 BC band 48m. Play jingles and drops either programmed or "on the fly".


    Upload songs
    1. Select OFF
    2. Click Upload MP3
    3. Select mp3 file

     Here we get two scenarios:
     Songs with old ID3 tag will be added directly
     Songs with new ID3 tag will be added after you named Artist, Title and Cue points
    4. Press "space" to test play song
    5. Press "space" again to play last part of song
    6. Double click the song title. In the window you can change the Artist. Press OK.
    Then you can change the title. In comment you can set the cue times such as 30, 12, 5
    Which means that it will count dount green to 30-12, yellow to 12-5 and red to 5-0
    7. Click OFF to kill everything playing
    8. To remove a song. Click on song and hit DEL key to delete.

    Editing playlists
    1. Selected EDIT
    2. Select an hour from 00:00 to 23:00
    3. Double click on song to add to playlist. The cue time will automatically update.
    4. Press DEL on an item in the playlist to delete.
    5. You can play any song with SPACE key within the EDITED playlist

    Random playlist fill
    1. Make sure you have enough songs to cover 60 minutes playtime
    2. Select EDIT
    3. Click on any song in the MP3 list and type R. The the playlist will be randomly populated.

    Manually playing a playlist
    1. Select MAN
    2. Double click on any song to start. It will play the playlist from that song.
    3. Click ahead or behind top check other songs

    Adding Jingles
    1. Select OFF
    2. Upload MP3 file.
    3. Name the Artist "Jingle" without the qoutes
    4. Name the titel the Jingle title

    Íf you have added some jingles you can double click on the DROPS buttons.
    You will get a dropdown menu with the added jingles. Select any jingle anmd it will be playable via that button manually.


    HSDJ 648x360

    Model AUC015
    Price:   30.00 €