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    Volume Panel with VOL-POWER-MIC-RF.GAIN and VOX GAIN. With mouse scroll function.

    VOL – adjust your volume.
    POWER- adjust your transmit power. Below are the approximate settings for each of the white 
    1st dash - 0 watts; 2nd dash – 2 watts; 3rd dash – 6 watts; 4th dash – 15 watts; 5th dash – 35 watts; 6th
    dash – 50 watts; 7th dash – 100 watts 
    (A power meter plugin can be obtained from the shop that will give you an accurate indication of 
    your TX power)
    MIC- This adjusts the level of your microphone. It is worth mentioning here that better transmission 
    can be achieved by using a lower mic setting than a higher mic setting. So adjust your MIC setting so 
    that the needle on the S-Meter moves well into the green "ALC" area but does not go above the 
    green area. Too high of a mic setting will lead to your audio being distorted and difficult to 
    RF (Radio Frequency) Gain –Turning the RF Gain down will reduce the amount of pre-amplification in 
    your receiver (i.e. make your receiver less sensitive to signals). This can be useful when a station you 
    are receiving is so strong that they are saturating your receiver and are hard to understand. Turning 
    down your RF Gain can also be useful in reducing strong static. However, reducing the RF Gain can 
    also limit your ability to receive weaker stations.
    VOX Gain/VOX Delay – Double clicking on this dial will switch between the VOX Gain and the VOX 
    Delay settings. Adjust the VOX gain so that it triggers the PTT with your voice only. Set the VOX 
    delay so that it keeps the PTT held long enough for the pace of speech.

    Volume Panel 432x72

    Model AUC006
    Price:   4.00 €